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Sanjivani Health and Relief Committee is a not-for-profit Organization registered as a Charitable Trust with registration no. E- 17400 (Ahmedabad) on Nov. 25, 2005 providing qualified health care services to poor people of villages around Ahmedabad in the districts of Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar and Kheda at nominal cost at their doorstep.

Started by a team of 3 doctors and 8 workers in 2005, today SHRC has a team of 75+ Medical & Para Medical personnel and 150+ volunteers. Unique feature of SHRC is to provide healthcare services to poor village people at their doorsteps. more..
Appeal for Donation
  • In India, qualified medical services are not available in small villages having population of 2000-5000, as Government Public Health Center is one in a population of 30000.
  • We provide free qualified medical services with our mobile medical vans at their doorstep.
  • Donate generously to help our effort and get 100 % tax exemption under Section 35AC of Income Tax of India, if your income is from business or profession. Others get 50% exemption under 80 G.
  • We are registered under FCRA (1976) permitted to receive donations from foreign source.
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We are a team of qualified medical personnel and dedicated volunteers committed to bring about a social change. Our governance is transparent and have certificate of accreditation for good governance from Credibility Alliance.

Today we are a team of:

  • 30 Family Physicians
  • 10 Dental Surgeons
  • 3 Eye surgeons
  • 30 Optometrists
  • 06 Consultant Doctors
  • 3 Lab Technicians
  • 150+ Dedicated Volunteers
  • 150+ Dedicated Volunteers
  • 3 Lab Technicians
  • 3 Lab Technicians
  • 12 Mobile Medical Vans including  
    01 Mobile Dental–Optometry Van,
    01 High Tech Mobile Ophthalmic Van & 02 Mobile Telemedicine Van
  • 150 Dedicated Volunteers
  • Qualified Healthcare Services to poor underprivileged villagers at grass root level in small villages and urban slums.
  • Regular follow-up of patients.
  • Specialized dental and opthalmic camps & Provide Spectacles (Eye Glasses) at very nominal cost.
  • Detection and primary treatment for diabetes, hypertension and osteoporosis to poor village population.
  • A few patients found diabetic are provided further work up to assess organ damage.
  • Detection and primary treatment for diabetes, hypertension and osteoporosis to poor village population.
  • Take ECG of a patient in telemedicine van in a village, transmit to physician and provide physician’s guidance immediately to the patient through internet connectivity.
  • Health awareness camps.
  • Free education support centers.

Till March 2014, SHRC has provided

  • Patient visits for General healthcare 10,25,987.
  • Spectacles to more than 40000 patients.
  • Eye check up of more than 8990 patients.
  • Basic dental treatment of tooth extraction and cavity filling to over 4800 patients.
  • Patient Visits for Hypertension 185716
  • Patient Visits for Diabetes : 160000
  • More than 15000 + ECGS and provided physician’s guidance for further cardiac care.
  • Investigation of Organ Damage for Diabetes : 4715
  • Detailed work up for diabetic complications : 758

We invite you to be a part of Sanjivani by volunteering or donating funds or medicines and experience the joy of giving.

  • Sponsor one General Camp with Tele Medicine Van @ Rs. 25,000/-
  • Sponsor one ophthalmic / dental camp @ Rs. 15,000/-
  • Support 50 beneficiaries of diabetes / hypertension with medicines for one month @ Rs. 2000/-
  • Adopt a child with juvenile diabetes for one year @ Rs. 20,000/-
  • Donate in General Fund @ Any Amount/-
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