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To create awareness, early detection and treatment to prevent need for hospitalization and to save preventable expenditure and prevention of associated complications amongst rural and urban poor population.
Fact Sheet for NCD

  1. Diabetes, hypertension, heart ailments, kidney diseases, cancer etc. are called Non Communicable Diseases or simply, NCD.
  2. 43 % of total adult death are attributed to NCD like Hypertension, Heart Diseases, Diabetes, Kidney Disease and Cancer.
  3. NCDs kill more than 36 million people each year!
  4. Nearly 80% of NCD deaths - 29 million, occur in low and middle income countries.
  5. Diabetes is one of the major NCDs spreading like epidemic in India and by 2030, India will have the largest number of patients of diabetes in the world.
  6. Diabetes, if untreated over time, can damage the heart, blood vessels, eyes, kidneys, and nerves. Early detection and treatment can save them from diabetic complications, especially heart diseases, kidney failures, blindness and amputation of foot.
  7. Age of onset for Hypertension and Diabetes  is decreasing, say by early 30s.
  8. Age of onset for Diabetes is at least 10 years early in Indians.  

(Statistics Source : ICMR Report 2013)     

What we do-
Distribution of literature in local language at daily & weekly medical camps for creating an awareness on diabetes.

  • Mass education program to cover large gatherings at temples and various organisations, gardens, clubs etc. to create mass awareness about chronic NCD, especially diabetes.
  • Audio Visual presentation for awareness​ of Diabetes in Fasting Blood Sugar.
  • As project partner to BMSF –USA we use to arrange Camps in villages and in areas with concentration of economically weaker population in the early morning hours, three days a week since 2012.

Project Hypertension and Diabetes

  • Camps in villages and in areas with concentration of economically weaker population in the early morning hours, three days a week since 2012, as project partner to BMSF –USA.
  • Screening of fasting blood sugar in camps conducted in early hours of day in villages with patient education counselling through audio visual presentation.
  • Every week, three such camps are arranged with prior advertisement and average 150-200 patients are screened. So far 454 camps are organised.
  • Mass screening ​at 14 centers daily, for Random  Blood Glucose and Blood Pressure measurement by 8 teams with 2 trained staff. Teams being manned by a Doctor.


  Every month  around 10,000 patients are being screened and diagnosed patients get  medical treatment from SHRC.
Expected Outcome
  • Incidence of DR, DF, Amputations, and Nephropathy should go down, year-by-year.
  • Wide spread awareness generation amongst public at large, about diabetes and its implications on day to day life.
  • Number of diabetic patients going for SMBG should increase.
  • Number of diabetic patients going for yearly check-up to rise.
  • Early intervention on part of a patient to get prompt treatment of TOD, once detected.
  • Importance of non pharmacological means like life style modification by diet  and exercise be understood by patients.


  • Educating in local language on symptoms of diabetes helps in early diagnosis.
  • Awareness about diabetes and its complications and it’s early detection and treatment reduces the need for hospitalization with complications. It helps in avoiding costly treatment of heart, kidney, eye or foot complications and also, possible fatality.
  • Detailed investigation for organ damage saves from possible fatality.
  • Early detection, life style modification, exercise , weight  and stress management , and positive thinking are the ways to prevent or delay the onset of disease. Early detection and intervention strategy is much less costlier than hospitalisation.

Benefits of the Projects

    • Poor village people get knowledge about seriousness and detection services for diabetes and hypertension in village itself.
    • They are examined by a qualified doctor and given medicines to keep their blood sugar and blood pressure under control in village itself through regular follow-up camps, every fortnight
    • People with serious heart problems get ECG in village itself in SHRC Telemedicine Van. Immediate treatment plan saves from possible fatality. People with evidence of target organ damage are provided detailed investigational facility by specialists at base hospital.
    • The project is managed by qualified doctors in medical camps and detailed investigation is done in a well-equipped base hospital. Cardiac patients undergo further work-up at a  Hospital with state-of-the-art infrastructure.


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