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Sanjivani Health Care Centre   (Fully equipped OPD based Diagnostic Centre)
In April 15 ,SHRC with generous financial support from Jewelex India –Group Bombay started this fully equipped OPD based Diagnostic centre in Ahmedabad in name of Shantaben Shantilal Kothari.This Group provided a building owned by their firm Sparkling Gems, and funds to develop it into modern diagnostic centre.
Here 42 consultant Doctors from various faculties provide their services to needy underprivileged population who can not afford to avail services from private setup.This centre is equipped with-

  • All Faculty consultation service
  • Fully equipped Pathology laboratory
  • Radiology department with Ultrasonography and X Ray service.
  • Sanjivani Physiotherapy Center
  • Sanjivani Dental Clinic
  • Lifestyle modification with focus on stress management, positive thinking.
  • Yoga Center
  • Generic Medical store providing medicines at almost 20% of MRP
  • In this centre all saints are provided free investigations and treatment C.A. from Bombay
  • There is a special poor patient fund provided by Jewelex Group to give discount to poor.

Juvenile Diabetes - Facts 

  • Juvenile Diabetes also known as  type 1 diabetes (T1D) is a disease in which, the insulin producing β cell of the pancreas are destroyed because of autoimmunity. Hence the body does not produce insulin or produces very little insulin. T1D is usually diagnosed in children and young adults.
  • There is no cure of this disease and is not preventable. The disease has to be controlled with supplemental insulin, lifelong.
  • Untreated diabetes type 1 can lead to severe complications of heart, eye and nerves and may also be fatal.

Project Juvenile Diabetes at Sanjivani
Under this project we  support such poor patients of type-1 diabetes for adequate medication, periodic investigation and educating them for self monitoring.

  • The center is unique to provide free insulin, insulin pen, cartridge and needle to all poor patients  at token charges, since insulin has to be taken twice/ thrice  a day.
  • Besides that, we  give self monitoring blood glucose (SMBG) kit to each patient so that the patient can himself check blood sugar level.

Sanjivani Physiotherapy Center -

  • Average life expectancy in India over last decade has increased from 50 to 75+.This has direct impact of having 25 % adult population from age group between 60-75.
  • Mental setup of retirement, lack of hobby, sedentary lifestyle , lack of exercise all lead to sense of being useless and helpless, depression and overall increase in bone and joint problems.
  • Bone and spine disease being normal aging process are inevitable.
  • Majority of these patients do not have medi claim or reimbursement facility with them.
  • Attending any physiotherapy centre daily is beyond their paying capacity-average expenditure for two or three therapy is likely to be Rs.150+.So, they end up using more and more pain killers leading to inevitable kidney Diseases.

Sanjivani Physiotherapy Center -

  • Sanjivani believes that Physiotherapy centers and fitness centers for elderly should be made available wherein a patient can get qualified service at most affordable rates.
  • A centre where a patient can get all therapy including teaching and counselling for life style modification, weight management, yoga training, acupressure treatment, positive thinking and holistic approach of using their skill, wisdom, energy and time for up liftment of society with a concept of giving back to society, over and above physiotherapy.
  • Center also serve as referral centre for 350+ villages under SHRC service coverage area.

Sanjivani Dental Clinic -  

  • It is observed from SHRC camps that oral health is most neglected area, even by health authorities.
  • 70% adult population in villages and low income urban counterparts have very bad oral hygiene due to bad habits-tobacco etc.
  • Dental treatment do not feature in the priority list of these poor people. Preventive, conservative or restorative dentistry is a dream for majority of these class of patients.
  • SHRC Dental Van provides tooth extraction, filling and scaling facility to these patient at their doorstep.
  • Since it is not possible to provide denture or root canal treatment in single sitting, SDC serve as referral center for such patients, where all advanced dental procedures are provided at most affordable rates.

Sanjivani Generic Medical Store -


Ever rising cost of medicines leads to heavy burden on poor patients. This results into poor compliance to treatment, which is one of the major challenges to cure.If medicines for Hypertension, Diabetes or Heart Diseases are made available to patients at affordable rates overall outcome will improve. At SGMS, patients get medicines at  75-80% discounted cost, as compared to MRP.


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