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The project is divided into three phases.

Phase I
Mass screening across 14 centers for Random Blood Glucose and Blood Pressure. Daily 13 villages are visited by our 8 mobile medical vans with a Doctor and 2 trained persons to do Blood Pressure and Blood Glucose testing. On an average 30 patients are screened at each village. Every month around 9000 patients are being screened. Diagnosed patients of Diabetes are given free medicines.
Phase IB
Fasting blood glucose camps are done in villages with prior advertisement and average 130-150 patients are screened. So far 46 camps are arranged. Patient education counseling is also done through audio visual presentation. Every week two such camps are arranged.
Phase II

Selected patients of phase I and phase I B requiring further workup for early detection of target organ damage are sent to a base hospital. ( Polio Foundation , a NPO having 25 yrs of track record in public health and community service). Every week about 60-70 patients from lower income group are taken up for investigations, where all Diabetics are tested for-

  • CBC, FBS, PPBS, HbA1c, S.Creatinin, Lipid Profile, Urine R.M.
  • X Ray chest, EKG.
  • Retinal examination by an eye surgeon and are offered consultation by a Physician.
Phase III

After reviewing the reports of Phase II, patients are sorted out for Diabetic Retinopathy, Diabetic Foot, Diabetic Heart, and Diabetic Nephropathy and called upon for further detailed workup for target organ damage where tests like-

  • OCT and Florescent Retinal Angiography
  • EKG,2DEcho and Stress Test-TMT
  • Diabetic foot workup-Podiascan,ABI,VPT.
  • up for patients of Nephropathy are done

At the end of phase III, the patient is given his further treatment plan.



Appeal for Donation
  • In India, qualified medical services are not available in small villages having population of 2000-5000, as Government Public Health Center is one in a population of 30000.
  • We provide free qualified medical services with our mobile medical vans at their doorstep.
  • Donate generously to help our effort and get get 50% exemption under 80 G. if your income is from business or profession.
  • We are registered under FCRA (1976) permitted to receive donations from foreign source.



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