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Dr. Pankaj Ratilal Shah
Founder President

Medical Doctor with experience of 40 + years as a Family Physician with extensive family practice in villages. He has vast experience of rural health scenario. He is engaged in many charitable health care activities. With his strong determination and dedication towards rural health projects, Sanjivani has travelled this distance in past seven years.


Shri Dilip Kanubhai Patel


Mr. Patel is one of the most dynamic social workers of the region. An extremely good campaigner and coordinator, he is a retiered textile mill employee. He has good grip on development of Human Resources. He is able to garner good support from donors too.


Dr. Ramesh Ishwarbhai Patel


Dr. Patel is a senior family physician practicing for last 32 years. He too has good exposure to rural health conditions. Prior to starting his private practise, Mr. Patel worked as a medical officer with Government. He is engaged with many professional organizations.


Shri Bharat Ambalal Patel

Jt. Secretary

Mr. Patel is a businessman. He is wholesale distributor of Vadilal Icecream. He comes from a family that has back ground of social service. He is a selfless and extremely committed volunteer, having strong affinity for rural problems. His family also participates whole heartedly in selfless social service.


Manoj L. Soni


He is a free lancing Businessman –A reputed name in innovative products in plastic Industry of India.has been actively involved in charitable and qrganizational activities since his childhood.He is a good orator and has a special hobby of ancient Glass bottle collection for which he is known across globe.


Dr. Sandip Jayantilal Dave


A senior family physician practicing for 33 years, Engaged in many professional organizations. Engaged in many charitable health care activities. Has strong determination and dedication for rural health project. Has good donor support ,and posses calm and helping gesture.


Dr.Ramesh N.Patel


A reputed senior Family Physicians of Ahmedabad with experience of over 45 years.and is a good campaigner and team builder.


Dr. Kirit K.Shah


A reputed senior Family Physicians of Ahmedabad with experience of over 45 years. Dr Kiritbhai is also engaged in many socio-religious activities also.


Shri Indravadan Revashankar Purohit


Is a wholesale grain merchant. Has rural background. Is a good coordinator, campaigner. Has more affinity for child welfare work in rural schools.Has good liaison skill with Government setup.


Shri Babubhai Ramjibhai Patel


Is a fine arts degree holder.Has rural background.Is a professional photographer.Is a good coordinator.Always ready for any rural charitable work.

Shri Dharmesh R Shah




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